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Pipe and Fitting

Pipes and fittings are the most crucial parts in any power plants and factories. They serve to transport products from one station to another. Pipes are long tubular hollow cylinder mainly use for stated purposes whereas fittings are use to change the direction or reduce or increase the flow of media inside the pipe. Some types of media transport by pipes are fluids ( gas and liquid) , slurry and pallets.

Despite the common function, different type of pipes and fittings are used according to its unique circumstances. As an example, metal pipe such as carbon steel made up 80% to 85% of a power plant due to its high temperature and strength property. However, they are poor corrosion resistance for corrosive material such as hydrogen sulphide. Therefore, it is more common to use composite pipe as they can withstand corrosion better.  In addition, fittings are selected according to the type of flow and media it transfer. Namely, its is preferable to carry gas product using weld fitting in compare to threaded fitting as it may escape at fitting joint.

Here in Tunjang Ulung, we provide a wide range of piping and fittings type and sizes to fit the use on your plant. For consultation and any inquiry feel free to contact us.