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Carbon Steel Plate

Carbon steel commonly use as manufacturing plate due to its durability and strength. Carbon steel can be divided into three class which are:

  • Low carbon ( Mild Steel) – 0.06% to 0.25% carbon content
  • Medium Carbon ( Medium Steel) – 0.25% to 0.55% carbon content
  • High Carbon ( Hard Steel) – 0.55% to 1.0% carbon content

Carbon steel plates are well suited for applications requiring durability against stress as well as environmental stressors when used for outdoor purposes. These metals are preferred due to its condition such as cost effective, malleable (easy for fabrication work) and it can be galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Carbon plates are most preferred material when it comes to industrial usage. Below are some type of carbon steel plate and it purpose:

Type of Carbon Steel Purpose
Carbon Structural Steel Plate This plate is mostly used in construction industry. Therefore, the quality, durability, and performance have to be of highest standard. This means that they have to withstand overweight load and pressure and must be resistance to corrosion
Boiler Steel Plate These are high-pressure plates generally used in designing vessels, boilers, and heat containers. Carbon boiler steel plates have low corrosive property and can withstand low heat. Chromium and nickel are sometimes added to make it suitable with its surrounding.
Tank Steel Plate These plates are used for building of oil and gas tanks, storage tanks, water tanks, and tanks for storage.
Carbon Shipbuilding Steel Plate This plate is high in demand especially from oil and gas industry as they require thick plates of extremely good quality. Most of these are made according to the specifications of the customers and the steel used is certified as a small tear in microscopic scale can be fatal.