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Special Material Plate & Pipe

Special material for plates and pipes are offered to our client in handling unique temperature, pressure and products. Materials such as carbon steel may be suitable and are generally being us in the oil and gas industry. However, in highly corrosive environment, they  cannot stand the harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is more preferable to use composite materials.

For each unique condition, the preparation and material selection varies. The metal should fullfill the following requirement:

  1. Has to withstand the environment: Temperature, pressure and severity ofcorrosive condition should be taken into consideration.

  2. Has to survive design life: Metal use may degrade overtime but estimated life is to be in acceptable lifespan.

  3. Can be fabricated into the required component: Item should be able to be manufacture through process such as welding, casting and machining.

  4. Economical: Total cost of material, fabrication, assembly and operation should be in consideration

  5. Availability: It should be relatively easy to source the material as to avoid over expense.

We understand the importance of these requirements as to ensure maximum capability to run an operation. It is a guarantee of quality that we had been given to our customers that will ensure the best material deliver to you.