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Strainer and Strainer Baskets

Strainers and strainer baskets are used in the industry to filter out foreign particle in a pipeline. They are important in ensuring :

  • Minimum downtime due to equipment failure- Strainers prevent unwanted items from travel further in a pipeline which may induce erosion within the pipe.
  • Maximise production and profit – With lower maintenance needed, production time loss will reduce and more products can be yield.
  • Better product quality – Preventing impurities from mixing with raw product will lead to a better quality of products.

Strainers are very common in the industry as they aid in gaining good quality products. They come in different shape and sizes to fit the industrial need. As an example, a duplex strainer is use to allow continuous flow. Duplex strainer are two strainer connected to a valve. This features allows the flow to be directed to the backed up strainer which allows maintenance work to be done without shut down. There are several factor need to be consider before selecting a strainer. The unique functions of your pipeline is one of the criteria in need to be consider before deciding on a strainer. Another important factors include the pressure and temperature requirements of your line, the type of liquid flow, debris size, and the frequency of cleaning and maintenance. All things consider, strainers are important to the industry as due to its purpose. For any inquiry , we are please to attend to your need I finding the most suitable strainer for your industry.